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Punching With Your Keys For Self Defense: A Tactikey Review

A target who fights back is never an easy target

 Tactikey key punching
I am not affiliated with Tactikey.com, nor do I receive any type of commission from this review or its sales. I was contacted to give my fair and honest opinion over the product. I did receive a couple of key sets and have shared them with my family for a much more broader review. 
When faced with life or death scenarios it is never uncommon for people, especially women, to come up with countless scenarios on how they would escape or defend themselves. Not all strategies are the smartest strategies. One common self defense strategy is to use everyday keys as a weapon. Using your keys for self defense, otherwise referred to as the “Wolverine”, could either succeed in fending off your attacker or worse damage the inside of your hand and put you in an even worse situation. Here I give my honest review on the Tactikey and its use.


What is the Tactikey?

The Tactikey is a key insert that turns a regular house key set into an essential everyday carry weapon. No tools needed for installation; just push the top of the key into the slot. When placed in between your fingers while making a fist the Tactikey turns your fists into a sharpened weapon for last resort use. The Tactikey is offered in 3 different colors: black, pink and orange. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to quickly wrap your fingers around it, and comfortable enough that it won’t crumple the rest of your keys into your fist. Not only is it comfortable to hold in your fist, it certainly has the added benefit of making your house keys much easier to quickly pick out from the rest. Unlike a kubaton or brass knuckles, the Tactikey hides in plain sight. It looks like a pretty ornament for your keys unbeknowst to the onlooker what its real application is. Its main advantage comes from its shape. It has the best structure to fit perfectly between your fingers and be supported by your knuckles. You won’t even have to worry about stabbing yourself with the rest of your keys since it allows the rest of them to dangle outside of your fist! With that thought, you could even swing the keys to keep a would-be-attacker at arms length.
 .the tactikey is for key punching and self defense

Safety is a state of mind. Confident prepared citizens make poor targets. Carrying the Tactikey is a constant reminder to always remain vigilant and situationally aware. – Tactikey


Things to keep in mind:

Using the Tactikey in a self defense scenario should be something of last resort. First, and most obviously, your first strategy should always be avoidance! If you know you shouldn’t be there, then don’t! If you are walking back to your car after some late night grocery shopping, you are within your right to ask for a security guard to accompany you to your car, that is their job! If you think you are being followed speak up, and yell. Just don’t try to ignore it and hope its all in your head. God gave you intuition for reason!
If you are attacked, heaven forbid, you are already at a disadvantage because you were unaware and it came as a surprise. This means your reaction speed will suffer, and therefore getting your keys in the right position will be even harder. One thing you can bet on is that when adrenaline is high, the first thing that will suffer will be your fine motor skills. Say goodbye to getting your keys into the proper position. The shape of the Tactikey is so unique it will help to make it quicker in finding the right key to retaliate with. However, I would recommend having your keys in your hand in the ready position BEFORE you need to be ready. Since this means you have to be psychic in order to know when you’ll need them, and no one has this ability … I think… you’ll have to habitually hold your keys in the ready position when walking to your home or vehicle.

This tool ends up training you to be more self aware, and even more aware of your surroundings. Win!


How to use the Tactikey:

In order to use the Tactikey you need to apply a little bit of practical knowledge. First you hold the Tactikey in your fist with the key blade out facing the target, then punch in a straight line towards your target. Now, since this is a last resort, the bend of your wrist can almost guarantee that you will at least sprain your wrist or break it depending on where you strike. For this reason you should aim for soft body targets to punch such as, the eyes, throat, or even the arm pits. The eyes would be the best bet, at the least you could hope to temporarily blind them and create enough time to get away, or manage to gauge an eye out and make them think twice to continue their plan.

Should you punch with the Tactikey?

The Tactikey is a great new twist on the old self defense key punching strategy. It is also one I highly recommend everyone take advantage of. Punching with the Tactikey is a great tool as a last resort tool for self defense! It is simple and easy to carry, appears unoffensive, and best of all simple for anyone to use. After adding a Tactikey to my own key set I can say that this is the one piece of edc that I never forget. You put your key into it and forget it!
 Tactikey in fist key punching for self defense.
Of course outcomes will vary, which is why a little strategic planning and training goes a long way. Preparation is key – pun intended!

Where to find the Tatcikey:

Tactikey is a small business located in Reno, Nevada USA founded in 2017. It can be purchased from the proprietor website here: link http://tactikey.com/products/ which includes free shipping in the US, and a 30-day 110% return policy. How many dealers can you quote on that?!
 The tactikey in plain view in the door for self defense

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Can you think of any last minute tips on any other self defense strategies you might try with everyday items? Remember that these could save your life or someone else’s! Comment below, and don’t forget to share!